Back to Balance is a well-established Body and Mind clinic with a focus on restoring balance to a person’s system.

We are a team of Osteopaths and Psychologists working to support each individual’s own capacity to recover and maintain optimal health.

What we do


Osteopathy is a long established manual therapy for treating pain and restriction in the body. It is a gentle, respectful approach that looks beyond the immediate symptoms to find the underlying causes of the problem. In osteopathic treatment the body’s own natural healing mechanisms are used to restore balance in the body.

Osteopathy Treatment - Back To Balance
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Psychology & EMDR Therapy - Back To Balance


Our psychologists, Gisela and Elaine, draw from a range of techniques, particularly EMDR, depending on the nature of the presenting issue and the personality and needs of the client. They offer a non-directive, empathetic client orientated approach to counselling and therapy in a trusting, safe and supportive environment.